The Ghost of the Past - Education as it was

Education 1.0, the brick & mortar way of learning where only teacher imparts training, students are evaluated based on single parameter (exams!), and access to content is limited.

Sounds dreadfully familiar doesn't it?

Truth be told, we have made some amount of progress, bringing us to Education 2.0. This focuses on mainly Activity Based Learning makes use of aids and physical tools to substantiate the learning process. This point marks an advent to technology tools such as smart class, where access to content was made easy and students are empowered more than teachers.

Skyrocketing to a Better Future - Education at Present

Learning never stops and so we are getting better each day and Education 3.0 is a testimony of that.

Education 3.0 is Immersive Learning. Use of tech in the classroom to facilitate 360 degree learning through a combination of Audio, Video and Tech elements will aid students in the learning journey.

With a vision of introducing, "Immersive Learning Classroom in every School in the World", Space Trek is an Education 3.0 specialist.

We are redefining education and learning. Are you ready to join us?

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